The My-Dental-Clinic Team

Put simply – We only employ the best. Our reputation depends on it.

Dentists and surgeons expert in their respective fields. Experienced. Respected. Empathetic. Established reputations with absolute commitment to top quality dental care

Regular internal clinical audits and assessments ensure that our high standards are consistently maintained. Ongoing professional development and education programs allow all dentists, dental nurses, and other practice staff to continually apply best practices.

All Hungarian dentists are registered with the General Dental Council of Hungary All UK dentists registered with the UK General Dental Council.

Strong language skills and foreign experience is a must.

Our award-winning laboratory allow us to manufacture crowns, bridges and dentures is carried out inhouse. A low cost, quick and technically flexible service. For example, because our laboratory technicians are onsite and able to work directly with you it means that your tooth colour or shade can be matched exactly.

Dental Nurses:

All qualified – not just in matters dental but each has outstanding language skills and foreign experience too.

Lab technicians:

As well as working in our in-house lab technicians preparing inlays, crowns and bridges our expert work alongside our dentists helping ensure crowns and bridges fit perfectly.

So good is their metal-fused and metal-free crown and bridge work that two have won the Hungarian “Most skillful dental technicians of the year”.

My-Dental-Clinic UK

Based on Oxford Circus, London we’ll give you all the time, all the information and all the support you need to discuss suitable treatment alternatives. Together we’ll agree a detailed plan – your roadmap to successful treatment with timings and costs to suit you.

Customer Care

Our skilled customer care team have one role and one role only. To help you. Whatever it takes. From arranging appointments and treatment to organising accommodation, airport transfer and tourism packages. Call anytime Monday to Friday 8am- 7pm to talk with a care team specialist.

Budapest Reception

English speaking, organised and incredibly friendly. No wonder our receptionists are so popular with our patients. If it needs organising, needs explaining or needs booking they’ll do it. Whatever it takes to make your stay as comfortable and as successful as possible.

Support Staff

The unsung heroes of My-Dental-Clinic. Rarely in the front line but always working hard to make sure the clinic runs smoothly and efficiently.