Our References

Female patient, 16 porcelain fused to metal crowns, 8 veneers. Cost £6,027

Female patient, 27 porcelain fused to metal crowns. Cost £4,893

Male patient, complete set of porcelain fused to metal bridges, 28 crowns in total. Cost £7,300

Female patient, 14 metal-fused crowns. Cost £3,247

Male patient, 4 metal-fused, 11 porcelain crowns and 5 composite fillings,  Zoom whitening. Cost £4,660

Female patient, extractions, 14 porcelain fused to metal, 12 Procera crowns with aesthetic shoulder porcelain. Cost £8,700

Male patient, 5 Replace implants and 17 Procera crowns. Cost £12,500

Male patient, 6 replace implants, 20 porcelain fused to metal crowns with aesthetic shoulder porcelain, bone substitution. Cost £11,770

Male patient, 28 porcelain fused to gold crowns with aesthetic shoulders. Cost £8,618

Female patient, 5 porcelain veneers, a porcelain-fused and a full porcelain crown, Zoom whitening. Cost £2,200

Female patient, 8 full porcelain veneers, 3 porcelain fused to metal crowns. Cost £4,430

Male patient, 21 Procera crowns. Cost £9,778

Female patient, 17 porcelain fused to metal crowns, 4 aesthetic porcelain shoulders. Cost £3,673

Male patient, 3 complex extractions, 8 aesthetic porcelain shoulders, a filling, 13 porcelain fused to metal crowns. Cost £6,400

Male patient, 10 implants in total, with crowns on the upper jaw, implant-retained overdenture on the lower jaw. Cost £13,300

Male patient, implant – retained overdentures. Cost £7,720

Female patient, few extractions, 8 Alpha Bio implants and overdentures. Cost £8,890

Male patient, 17 extractions, 8 Nobel Biocare Replace implants, dentures attached with a clip bar system. Cost £11,755

Male patient, several extractions, 8 implants in total with overdentures on both upper and lower jaws. Cost £8,690

Female patient, several extractions, sinus lift with bone substitution, 4 Alpha Bio, 8 Replace implants, retained dentures on the lower and fix solution package on the upper jaw. Cost £16,090

Male patient, implant-retained overdenture on the upper jaw, implants with a set of crowns on the lower jaw. Cost £13,455

Male patient, several extractions, 12 Alpha Bio implants on upper and lower jawbone, crowns on lower jaw and retained overdenture with clip bar system on upper jaw. Cost £12,208