Root resection

Root resection cost at MDC: £119 (front) / 199 (back)

So what happens if a root is beyond repair? If your root is fractured or dissolving?

And how is it possible to retain the tooth’s original structure?

When conventional root canal work won’t suffice, we recommend ‘root resection’.

It’s surgical procedure that carefully removes the offending root at the same time protects the tooth’s integrity.

Once we’ve explored for other x-ray invisible damage, the root canal tip is cleaned and sealed. With the gum and tooth anesthetized micro small incision is made in the gum and the infected tissue simply taken out. The root tip is filled, and the gums stitched.

Post-surgery discomfort is easily managed using commonly available painkillers. Stronger pain demands stronger analgesics which we can prescribe.

Root sensitivity to hot or cold from exposed roots is managed using topical fluoride treatments or, if need must, with dental restoration.

Obligation-free treatment plan

Including costs and number of visits to the dentist.