Dental implants

High Quality, Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental implants – high quality, low cost tooth replacement in Budapest from £480

Missing tooth? Then you’ll want to get it replaced as soon as possible. More than just completing your smile you will look younger and healthier too. More attractive.

So here’s the good news. Replacing missing teeth is much easier and much more affordable than it has ever been.

There’s no need to go to huge and unnecessary expense – just go to Budapest and join the many hundred of happy clients who visit us for low cost, high quality tooth replacement. Outpatient, implant treatment from only £480.

Don’t Suffer From Missing Teeth

Losing teeth is never nice – it can affect your confidence, your self esteem, your relationships even. It can also impact on your health.

Not only can missing teeth affect the shape of your face leaving you looking older and unhealthy but the as your remaining unsupported teeth move along your jawline flossing and brushing become less effective.

Losing a single tooth can, if you are not careful, start a difficult and painful chain of dental problems.

You’d be wise to do something about it as soon as possible.

And the best solution?

Dental implants

A simple screw or cylinder shaped titanium replacement for the tooth’s natural root, dental implant treatment can vary between 2 weeks and 6 months. As jawbone and implant bond so crowns, bridges or dentures be attached using screws or clips.

The procedure itself takes 10-15 minutes per implant and our Budapest patients can leave next day with stitches removed in the UK approximately a week later.

An ‘abutment’ screw is placed on top of the implant after a 20-week healing period with the final fitting a 5-10-work-day-visit in Budapest (or several shorter visits in London) during which your dentist takes impressions, specifies your new teeth and fits them.

Note: You will not be left toothless between operation as we fit you with temporary teeth!

The result? Healthy, happy looking teeth and your broad beaming smile (and confidence) restored.

Our 99.6% success rate tells you loud and clear that we know exactly what it takes to restore your smile.

Success supported with our guarantee to replace dental implant failure with another implant (same type) at no additional cost during the guarantee period of the prosthetic work on that implant**.

We’ve a choice of implant options including:

  • Nobel Biocare – a short chair time, rapid heal treatment from Sweden. Beautiful, great working teeth in only or two days. Fewer appointments. Less invasive procedure.
  • Alpha-Bio implants – innovative products and the most comprehensive and efficient array of solutions. Manufactured in Israel.
  • Straumann implants a broad range of dental implant solutions.

Even if you lack sufficient bone mass and your dentist has recommended bone-substitution or even discouraged from dental implants we have an option – beautiful Nobel Procera® All-on-4™ technique restorations.

And even if you are currently toothless you can opt for dentures, implant-retained dentures or implants with crowns.

Check the chart for guidance on costs and treatment length.

Don’t go to huge and unnecessary expense – just go to Budapest and join the many hundred of happy clients who visit us for low cost, high quality tooth replacement. Outpatient, implant treatment from only £480.

So… if you are fit and well, have healthy gums and a suitable depth of jawbone then a low cost, high quality dental implant might be just what you’re looking for.

Surgical treatmentsMDC prices in Budapest
Surgical treatmentsMDC prices in Budapest
Extraction (surgical)£119
Bone substitution per unit£199
Bone trap£90
Sinus lift including 1 unit bone substitution£789
Dental implant * Alpha Bio (lifetime guarantee**)£480
Dental implant * Nobel Biocare Replace (lifetime guarantee**)£740
Dental implant * Straumann SLActive® (lifetime guarantee**)£800
Nobel Guide System®£1440

* = Special price for single tooth replacement: cost of dental implant + £449 (surgery + healing abutment + temporary crown + standard implant abutment + porcelain fused to metal crown)

** = We do not refund the cost of failed dental implant or any additional cost related to this failure. This guarantee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.

Save up to 70% Now!

Augmented Dental Implants

And even if you have insufficient jawbone that’s not an issue. Our bone substitution procedure grafts bone or bone-like materials to the jaw and in only 6 – 8 months we can place implants.

Sometime patients will require what we call sinus lift. ‘Sinus augmentation or sinus lift’ involves lifting the sinus membrane and complementing the additional space with bonelike material. This allows patients who would otherwise be unable to have dental implants.

We can also improve conventional lower or upper jaw denture using ‘overdenture’ or retained dentures – implants placed in the front section. Dentures still require for daily removal and cleaning, however, the dental implants make them much more stable.

Post Implant

As you might expect there will be bleeding post implant and gums will be sore for 7 – 10 days after the surgery. Side-effects may include nausea and you may also experience swelling and discomfort around the implant area.

You will be able to drink but eating allow 24 hours before eating. We will provide any necessary antibiotics, painkillers and antiseptic mouthwash to reduce the risk of your implant becoming infected.

A safe procedure, as with all surgeries, dental implants do carry an element of risk so you need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications. Healing may be affected by smoking, alcohol consumption and diabetes. They may also impact on the success of the implant. We’ll be sure to advise you properly before your treatment so you can make an informed decision.

There’s a slight possibility that lower jaw nerves may be bruised causing a tingling or slight numbness in your tongue, chin or lip. The chance of complications depends on the exact type of procedure you are having and other factors such as your general health.

IMPORTANT: Smoking automatically limits your guarantee!!! Unregulated diabetes and neglected oral hygiene also invalidate it. Your long-term success and our guarantee both rely on regular professional cleaning, close periodontal care and fulfilling the XXXXX’s follow-up program.

Obligation-free treatment plan

Including costs and number of visits to the dentist.

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