Our clinics provide a minimum 3 year guarantee on medical treatment and restoration work and lifetime guarantee on implants* (*material defects). If you have any problems that you believe are covered by guarantee, please contact our customer service staff to arrange a visit at one of our clinics.

Extent of guarantee
In case of a failure of the laboratory works our clinics cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs to rectify the problem. In case of small adjustments and repairs, a dentist will see you at our London practice. In the unlikely case that you require more extensive work, VitalEurope will carry out the remedial work at the clinic in Budapest.

VitalEurope is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown & bridgework. Occasionally, teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown & bridgework treatment resulting in a need for a root canal treatment afterwards.
VitalEurope can not accept guarantee claims for temporary solutions.

Using temporary solutions (dentures/crowns/bridges) on a long-term could harm your remaining teeth or implants.Temporary dentures mean improper loading on natural teeth destroying supporting structures (gum and bone) causing increased mobility and possibly the failure of those. Plastic temporary crowns/bridges are not sealing the same way as the actual ones. Due to the gap between teeth and these type of crowns food is getting stuck causing decay and gum disease on long-term. Ineffectively fixed temporary dentures and debris collecting crowns/bridges also mean permanent irritation on implants and can cause their failure.

Guarantee will be (reduced or) invalidated
• If you fail to fulfil your payment obligations.
• If you fail to attend your half-a-year check-up with a VITAL EUROPE dentist – the first check-up is a half-a-year check-up and it is your treating dentist who confirms when and where the next check-up is due.
• If patient neglects oral hygiene.
• If the dentists’ instructions are not followed (eg. the patient does not wear the total prothesis during the night).
• If the patient undergoes treatment on the dental or laboratory work provided by the dentist of VitalEurope at another clinic except for scale and polish treatments.
• If removable restoration such as partial dentures or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly.
• If the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally reducing.
• If the patient is a smoker.
• If the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time.
• In case of accidental damage, for example dropping dentures.
• In case of general illness that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, and osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy)
• If the patient does not follow the treatment time line and refuses to show up on the upcoming visits as it is previously designated by the treatment plan
• If patient does not notify VitalEurope prior to exercising their guarantee

Exercise of guarantees
Before exercising any guarantee the patient has to consult with VitalEurope.
The guarantee services can be completed only after evaluation of the situation.
The above mentioned conditions and guarantee conditions are valid only for the clients of VitalEurope.

If Budapest treatments prices were paid, guarantee work is free of charge in Budapest but subject to fees in London.  The cost of this guarantee work is the difference between the Budapest and London prices for the required treatment.  If the necessity of additional treatment arises, the treatment is to be paid by the patient. (Budapest price)

In London
Treatments carried out in Budapest falling under guarantee but guarantee is exercised in London the price difference between the Budapest and London price applies. In cases where London treatment prices were paid, guarantee work is carried out in Budapest or London free of charge. If additional treatment is required, the cost of the treatment is to be paid by the patient. (London price)

Chair fees apply at all times.

1. Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee
1.1  VitalEurope will cover the costs of any remedial dental works where it can be shown that such corrective or restorative works are necessary and incurred as result of the original treatment or laboratory works undertaken (e.g. tooth chipping and breakage).

1.2     In the unlikely case of dental implant failure we will place another implant (same type) at no additional cost during the guarantee period of the prosthetic work on that implant. Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of the failed dental implant or any additional cost related to this failure. This guarantee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.

1.3    The Guarantee is limited to corrective or restorative treatment and laboratory works only. The Guarantee is valid only where a signed/dated copy of the Guarantee Statement is present in the patient records.
1.4    If it is decided the remedial treatment or laboratory work falls within the terms of the Guarantee, your dentist will arrange for such work to be carried out, at a mutually convenient time, free of charge (at the clinic where the major part of the treatment was undertaken).
1.5    The validity of your personal Guarantee is dependent on you attending a mandatory annual check-up/half-a-year check-up when having implants or any type of denture work (removable plate) at a VitalEurope UK clinic for which there will be an additional charge. The charge will depend on the services provided. Patients should ensure that the check-up appointment and a scale and polish is booked and carried out as part of their annual/half-a-year check-up and maintenance program. Dental plaque painting will be applied during the yearly check-up appointment. Your dentist will advise you whether a panoramic X-ray is necessary and if so, there might be an additional fee. Scale and polish treatments might be undertaken by your local hygienist if there is a maximum period of 1 month between the time of the scale and polish and the time of your check up appointment.
1.6    VitalEurope is not responsible for any work carried out by any other specialist prior to VitalEurope’s treatment. Our guarantee does not cover either the failure of foreign implants even if they are supporting crown(s) / bridge(s) made by a VitalEurope dentist or the failure of posts / root canal treated teeth even if they are covered by crowns by VitalEurope even if these works seem to be sufficient and are showing no symptoms at the time of VitalEurope’s treatment. VitalEurope guarantee covers the work carried out by a VitalEurope specialist only and is not valid for any supporting structures if it has been done by anyone else.
1.7    Concerns regarding the dental treatment or laboratory works provided by your dentist should be directed initially to the practice where the original treatment was performed. Alternatively, you can contact VITALEUROPE’s Customer Care Department on  or by emailing To ensure the validity of your Guarantee you must notify VitalEurope of your claim at the earliest possible opportunity. It may be necessary for you to put your claim in writing. Further information regarding VitalEurope ’s Complaints Policy and Procedure can be obtained from the Practice Manager or your dentist.

2. Limitation of the Guarantee
2.1     The Guarantee /may/ be limited or invalid, at VitalEurope ’s sole discretion, where the following circumstances apply:
2.1.1    Allergies, gum, bone or tooth disease and deterioration and their consequences that become apparent after treatment and were not noticeable before intervention;
2.1.2.    Rejection of dental implants (due to smoking or accidental damage);
2.1.3         Damage caused by extreme stress (e.g. grinding or gripping teeth at night);
2.1.4         Temporary dentures, crowns or bridges;
2.1.5         Teeth-whitening procedures;
2.1.6         Accidental damage, including breakage and chipping, caused by:    Sports;    Direct trauma or force to a crown;    Biting or chewing on hard or toffee-like items;    Dropping dentures on the ground or other hard surfaces;    Intervention by non-VitalEurope dentists, technicians or any third parties (see clause 3 of this Guarantee for further information).
2.2          Unforeseen root canal treatment discovered during teeth preparation for crown, bridgework or veneers;
2.3         Where the gum tissue or bone is naturally reducing;
2.4         Where the patient has undergone further treatment with another provider on the original dental work provided by VitalEurope (excluding necessary remedial work pursuant to clause 4 of this Guarantee).

3. The Guarantee may be limited or invalid, at VitalEurope ’s sole discretion, where the following circumstances apply:
3.1    You fail to fulfill your payment obligations;
3.2    You fail to attend your annual check-up with a VitalEurope dentist – in case of implant and any type of denture work (removable plate) check-up may be necessary every six month! You must contact Customer Service prior the appointment is due and ensure that a check-up appointment is booked. During this appointment the dentist will inform you about the possible neccessity of laboratory made relining. In this case the cost of the relining will be covered by the patient.
3.3    You neglect to take care of your oral hygiene;
3.4    You fail to comply with any post-treatment instructions provided by your dentist (e.g. not wearing a night-guard);
3.5    You fail to maintain removable restorations, such as partial or full dentures;
3.6    You fail to notify VitalEurope of the defective dental work at the earliest opportunity prior to exercising the Guarantee;
3.7    You have a general illness or medical condition that may be detrimental to the dental work carried out including, but not limited to:
3.7.1    Diabetes, epilepsy or osteoporosis;
3.7.2    Deteriorated condition after exposure x-rays or chemotherapy;
3.7.3    Deteriorated condition due to malnutrition, drug or alcohol abuse;
3.7.4    Mental disorders;
3.7.5    Poisoning;
3.7.6    Heavy smoking;
3.7.7    Substantial weight gain or loss over a short period of time.

4. Remedial Works by Independent Dentist
4.1    The following will apply where it has been necessary for you to receive treatment by an independent dentist for a problem associated with dental work performed by a VitalEurope dentist:
4.1.1    a detailed report will be required to properly assess your condition and determine whether the independent remedial works carried out were both necessary and reasonable;
4.2    If the independent dentist interferes in any way with the original dental work so as to exacerbate or accelerate the problem, you will lose the benefit of the Guarantee.

5. Travel Expenses
This Guarantee does not cover any costs associated with travel and accommodation in respect of any agreement by VitalEurope to carry out remedial treatment free of charge. It is the sole responsibility of the patient to ensure such arrangements are made.