Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Cost at MDC: £119

If you’ve ever had severe toothache, perhaps the pulp inside a tooth has become infected, then you will know all too well how painful it can be. Debilitating. All consuming. You’ll want to have it seen to as soon as possible.

Despite the poor reputation that root canal treatment has picked up over the years it is root canal treatment, the removal of the nerve, that will free you from your pain.

A potent combination of modern technological advances, expertise and experience means that root canal treatment is actually far less painful than its reputation might suggest. Pain relieving not not causing.

More than just saving you from the discomfort treatment will also save you from having the pay for expensive and often avoidable dental work in the future.

A painful tooth, decayed, infected or damaged, won’t heal itself. Without treatment, not only will you suffer ongoing discomfort and likely lose the tooth anyway, you may well end up needing a bridge or other potentially expensive restoration. Best get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Your Three Step Root Canal Treatment Program

  1. We’ll first diagnose the problem. You’d be surprised. Not all pulp infections cause pain; bacteria can spread so slowly that you don’t even notice the trouble heading your way. If you do suspect a problem our diagnosis with spot it quickly.
  1. The root canal work itself is a relatively straight forward process. Your endodentist (endodontics is dentistry devoted to the study and treatment of the dental pulp) makes a hole through the top of the offending tooth. Disinfectants are used to clean inside and the root canal is then dried. A rubber filling is inserted and a temporary filling placed at the crown opening.
  1. Stage three involves the placement of a crown designed to seal the tooth and protect it from further long term damage or infection.

It’s important that you receive regular follow up check ups and x-rays. Not just to keep a close eye on the repaired tooth, which could last a lifetime, but to make sure that the rest of your teeth are healthy.

A Post-Treatment Post

If you’ve already had root canal work then you may need a prefabricated or custom made post – a metallic pin inserted into the dead root. The top if the post acts as a core anchoring a new cap or crown. Once the post is cemented into your tooth the crown (or cap) can be positioned.

So if you’re suffering pain, suspect that all is not well, or simply want to consider options on existing root canal work do please contact us.

Obligation-free treatment plan

Including costs and number of visits to the dentist.