Comfortable, Great Looking Dentures From Only £450

Whether full or partial, there are many excellent reasons to use dentures. Your appearance, confidence, your health, even eating and speaking can improve. And of course, the more natural they look, the better. Better still if you can match top quality dentures with a great price.

MDC quality at MDC prices.

MDC – where you can get a complete set of teeth in a single visit.

Did you know we offer a full 3 year guarantee?

New Dentures

Perhaps your existing dentures are worn and becoming uncomfortable. Maybe you lack sufficient bone mass and have been advised against implants. You may have been recommended bone-substitution in preparation for dental implants and not wish to pursue that approach. You may be missing all your teeth and want to avoid the trauma of dental implants.

Whatever your situation, MDC dentures could well be the answer. For example – the All-on-4™ technique, that offers virtually anyone beautiful new teeth in a single visit.

Partial Dentures or Full Dentures?

Partial Dentures

So maybe you’re missing only a single tooth or just a few. No need for a full set. Just choose from a range of partial denture options. Opt for metal or plastic bases to carry your new teeth. Hidden clips hold them tight them in place making them undetectable while smiling and talking.

Full Dentures

If you have no teeth in your upper or lower jaw then you might want to consider a full set of dentures – a set of plastic teeth carried on a plastic base.

Full lower dentures sit on the floor of the mouth, muscles shaping and adapting over time to keep the base in place.

By contrast full upper dentures cover the roof of the mouth. A micro layer of saliva between the roof of the mouth and the denture creates a firm suction, a grip that keeps it securely in position.

Covering the palate upper dentures may impact on how people experience both food temperature and taste.

Dentures and removable solutionsMDC Prices
Dentures and removable solutionsMDC Pices
Partial cast upper or lower denture with teeth£550
Precision attachment£299
Denture (per jawbone)£450
Clip bar system£319
Overdenture (per jawbone)£450
Temporary denture per tooth (up to 5 teeth)£65
Temporary denture (from 5 teeth)£319

Interested in implant dentures?

Dentures and dental implants aren’t mutually exclusive – you can have both.

Implants supporting or retaining a denture for example – see our Dental Implants FAQ page.

Denture Considerations

Dentures do take an amount of getting used to. You will, very temporarily, produce more saliva than normal. Your mouth will also likely feel a little irritated for a couple of days. As your tongue and cheek muscles adapt to them some words may feel difficult to pronounce. Eating will also take an amount of getting used to, so best start with soft food. Mild frustrations to start with but it won’t be long until you get used to them

It’s essential to keep on top on dental/denture hygiene. Clean your new dentures twice a day, rinse your mouth after eating and put them in clean water or a denture-soaking solution at night. Your dentist will be able to recommend a good solution.

Unsure about whether dentures are right for you? If you still have natural teeth in place consider implants or bridges or both.

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