Pain-free Dentistry

Nobody likes needles. Nobody enjoys dental treatment. For many just the thought of your dentist approaching you with a syringe is almost as bad as the treatment itself. The fear. The stress. That’s why we’ve worked hard to help our patients side step not only the pain of treatment but the fear too.

Here are two popular and successful systems that we use to protect our patients from unnecessary pain and anxiety.

  • Pain-free injections using Milestone Scientific “magic” Wand*
  • Continuous sedation

Pain-free Injections Using The Milestone Scientific “Magic” Wand*

More like a pen than a syringe the Milestone Scientific “magic” Wand* administers anaesthetic slowly and comfortably. Virtually pain-free.

Little wonder our patients are so impressed. Anaesthetic that’s quicker, deeper, longer lasting and needle-less. A comfortable, manageable computer controlled alternative to the traditional syringe. With many reporting a pain free experience even sensitive areas of the mouth such as the palate, who wouldn’t choose the Magic Wand?

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation (or inhalation sedation) is not a general anesthesia. It’s the inhalation of deep breaths of nitrous oxide (also referred to as laughing gas) through a mask.

The result? A calm, detached and relaxed glow. A light, semi consciousness state that helps you cruise through what might otherwise have been a frightening or stressful experience. And because your are aware throughout the process you can take the gentle instruction (to open your mouth, to turn your head etc) that helps complete treatment as quickly as possible.

Safety First

So that we can select exactly the right equipment and exactly the right medication we’ll ask you to complete a medical form. We’ll also make all the necessary checks before any course of treatment – your medical history, possible complications, allergy information and details of previous treatment are all taken into consideration

We always and without fail strive to provide only the safest solutions for our patients and as part of this reserve the right to decline sedation if we feel that your health might be at any point compromised.

Once we are happy that we’ve identified your safest option we both sign a consent form

Pain- Free Treatment and Aftercare

While your treatment is in progress our anaesthetist will pay close and constant attention to your cardiac function, pulse, blood pressure, and blood-oxygen levels.

It’s strongly advised that when you leave the clinic accompanied following intervention. We will also provide you with a list of recommended dos and don’ts – for example do not drink alcohol or drive a car for 12-24 hours Only take tranquilizers, sleeping pills and painkillers under specific instruction from your doctor recommendation.

For more information on possible side effects, health and qualification queries or to discuss any other aspect of our pain-free treatment contact us on XXXXXX

Obligation-free treatment plan

Including costs and number of visits to the dentist.