Risk-Free Dentistry

If you have never used us before then it’s likely will have a whole host of questions. Questions about the technology we use, the quality of our dentists, types of treatment and aftercare etc.

Hopefully the information below will give you the important background you need. Do please contact our customer care team if you require any further details.

How Well Equipped are The My-Dental-Clinic Surgeries?

Such is our commitment to world class dentistry that we only use the most highly-rated, thoroughly tested and advanced technology, materials and techniques.

For example – Our award-winning lab technicians only work with premium quality equipment and materials from the likes of Bego, Nobel Biocare and Yamahachy.

All 11 of our Budapest surgeries use Siemens Sirona medical units as standard. Siemens Sirona is one of the top 3 medical brands in the world.

How Experienced are our Dentists?

In a word – extremely.

Each is chosen not only for their experience but also for their expertise – the quality of work. With more than 3,000 implants carried out every year we are meticulous in our demand for quality dentistry.

World class dentistry that’s supported with an annual commitment from each of our dentists to 120 hours of fresh training.

In compliance with the General Dental Council directive all our London dentists are registered and each displays their registration number.

How Do I Decide The Treatment That’s Right For Me? One That I Can Afford?

First things first it’s important to meet our dentists so that you can discuss your needs. Our consultations are unhurried, relaxed and designed to clearly explain your treatment options – times, costs and alternatives. In every case you will receive suitable detailed treatment plans to schedule travel arrangements, time off work and be able to budget accordingly.

With more than 5,000 patients visiting us every year for dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, veneers, orthodontics and all types of cosmetic dentistry, we know what it takes to give people the treatment that: a. best suits their requirements and b. that they can afford.

Can I Meet the Dentist Before Flying Out?

With pleasure. In fact the dentist you meet for your consultation in London will be the dentist who treats you in Hungary.

How Comprehensive is my Aftercare and Guarantee?

Restoration work comes with a of 3 year written guarantee.

Implants have lifetime guarantee (*material defects).

All written guarantees and documentation (your record of your treatment) is provided in plain, easy to understand English should there be any post treatment issues.

As part of our aftercare program and to support our guarantees is the option to book you in for an emergency check-up at our Oxford Circus clinic.

Will the My-Dental-Clinic Staff Explain My Treatment Clearly and Answer Any Questions?

We’re extremely keen to share as much information as possible. This not only makes agreeing on the best course of treatment easier, it also makes it easier for you to know exactly why that treatment has been chosen and what it involves.

Face to face, on the phone or in writing we’re always delighted to be able to provide you with detailed answers to any questions you may have.

Do My-Dental-Clinic Dentists Speak English Well?

They do. The ability to speak good English is prerequisite for every member of our medical-dental team.

Will the My-Dental-Clinic team Look After me Properly?

Of course. As well, if not better than you’d be treated in the UK.

My-Dental-Clinic is a popular and successful practice. Unless we truly cared for out patients we’d be neither.

Please take a look at the ‘Going abroad for your dental care’ leaflet issued by the UK General Dental Council for more information.